For all our products we use first-class raw material that successfully tested in the industry and meets international standards. It belongs to metal roll stock made of aluminum and iron, paints, varnishes sealing and lubricating materials. Main raw materials are purchased in Western Europe: Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy.
Today our main products are the twist off caps for glass jars, aluminum caps for liquor production and crown caps for beer and soft drinks. The range of products is expanding regularly.

What we make of

Sheet Metal

For twist off caps production is used high quality sheet metal imported from Germany (Rasselstein) or France (ArcelorMittal).

Used sheet metal according to size of caps:

TO 33, 38, 43, 53, 58, 66

Sheet Metal 0,15 mm

TO 82

Sheet Metal 0,16 - 0,17 mm

Crown Caps

Sheet Metal 0,22 mm (+/- 0,02 mm)


Our caps are characterized by high quality, which is ensured also by used varnishes. The upper protective varnish of the caps are in three layers, so the caps do not corrode and the customer is sure of the quality of their products.

Basic paints / varnishes

PPG - Germany

Protective varnish

PPG - Germany

Printing colours (lithography)

SunChemical - Spain

On customer request, there is possibility to ask for their own lithography (logo, sign) on crown and twist off caps.

Rubber seal

We use high-quality seals from ATF in Germany for caps production.