Business Terms and Conditions

for the operation of e-shop
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Business premises: Ekotwist - EU s.r.o., Polešovice 814, 687 37
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General provisions

These terms and conditions apply to purchases via the online store The conditions further define and specify the rights and obligations of the seller (supplier) and the buyer (customer, consumer). All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. In cases where the contracting party is a consumer, relations not governed by the terms and conditions shall be governed by the Civil Code (No. 40/1964 Coll.) and the Consumer Protection Act (No. 634/1992 Coll.), all as amended. In cases where the contracting party is an entrepreneur, relations that are not regulated by the terms and conditions and which apply to the entrepreneur are governed by the Commercial Code No. 513/1991 Coll., all as amended.

1. Prices
1.1. All prices showed in the price list (catalogue) include 21 % VAT.
1.2. The supplier reserves the right to change prices in the price list even without special notice. Prices at the time of order are valid and include any possible quantity discounts. After placing an order, prices cannot be increased by the seller.
1.3. The prices are always confirmed to the buyer who collects the goods or the order and who agrees to them through confirmation.

2. Order of goods
2.1. The customer selects the required product range on offer and fills in the total required amount.
2.2. Payment in cash – upon receipt in warehouses.
2.3. The customer is obliged to provide a full valid address, email and telephone number during registration.
2.4. The customer chooses the method of payment to the account 4276136329/0800. Payment by cash on delivery or cash upon receipt of goods. After the payment has been credited to our account, the ordered goods are dispatched. The invoice for the payment is enclosed with the shipment.
Payment via invoice after receipt of goods with a maturity of 14 days. Failure to do so will result in a default interest of 0.05% for each commencing day.
2.5. The customer chooses the method of delivery (transport) - for details see the price list, which can be found on our website.
2.6. The customer has the right to cancel their order within 2 hours of ordering via e-mail or telephone.

3. Order processing
3.1. During a standard course of order processing, communication between the seller and the buyer takes place through emails. The seller sends the following emails:
Order summary containing a list of ordered goods, shipping method and payment method.
Information on the dispatch of goods - after handing over the consignment to the Czech Post or the transport company or (in case of personal collection) information on the collection options.
3.2. The buyer is not obliged to respond to any emails during standard order processing.

4. Shipping
4.1. The seller undertakes to dispatch the goods in the shortest time possible.
4.2. If no specific delivery date has been agreed upon, the goods are shipped within 2-5 working days.
4.3. If the order is not sent within 10 working days, the customer has the option to notify the delay or cancel the order or remove the problematic title (the amount paid or overpayment, in case of prepayment, is sent back to the customer automatically). In the event that any of the ordered goods are not in stock, the customer is contacted and offered further options (cancellation and refund, change of order, extension of shipping time).
4.4. Delivery time is specified in the delivery terms.
4.5. Form of shipment - goods are sent to the customer in intact packaging, which is adapted to the nature of the goods and prevents its damage. An invoice fulfilling the function of a claim and tax document is enclosed.

5. Receipt of goods
5.1. Upon the receipt of goods, the buyer receives the shipping note and the delivery note (with the exception of Czech Post).
5.2. The shipping company issues a receipt document in the case of cash on delivery. The tax document is included in the shipment.
5.3. From the moment of receipt of goods by the carrier to the moment of delivery to the buyer, the transport company, which is insured for this purpose, assumes responsibility for damage to the consignment. If the buyer accepts a clearly damaged shipment, the claim is to be made to the carrier.
5.4. The buyer shall assume responsibility for the goods from the moment of receipt from the carrier or personal pick up from one of the warehouses.
5.5. The buyer is obliged to accept the goods delivered to him on the basis of a confirmed order or concluded contract.
5.6. The buyer is obliged to check the intactness of the packaging, type, quantity of delivered goods upon acceptance of the goods and note any deviations, including damage to the consignment (broken glasses, damaged packaging, torn boxes with lids, etc.) on the shipping and delivery note, which is to be handed to the carrier, who shall confirm it. If the buyer fails to note these facts on the above-mentioned documents, these circumstances cannot be taken into account later during making a claim.

6. Product returns
6.1. In accordance with § 53 (7) of the Civil Code (no. 40/1964 as amended), the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded by means of distance communication without explanation within 14 days of goods receipt. Goods sent no later than the 14th day from the date of receipt to the address of the seller will be double checked and then within 30 days the amount will be paid to the bank account recorded in the shipment by the customer. At the same time, the customer shall attach written proof of unilateral withdrawal from the contract stating the date of conclusion of the contract and the account number for payment.
6.2. Returned goods must not show any signs of use, must not be damaged in any way, must be returned including all documents, i.e. delivery note, tax document or. warranty card.
6.3. Goods can be returned personally or sent with proper packaging by registered mail (no cash on delivery, shipments sent to us by cash on delivery will not be accepted).

7. Property ownership
The seller remains the owner of all goods until the purchase price or other obligations of the buyer towards the seller have been fulfilled, even if such goods have been resold.

8. Warranty and reclamation
8.1. At the consumer's request, the seller is obliged to provide a guarantee in writing (warranty card). This can be replaced by proof of purchase if it contains the seller's business name, company ID and registered office.
8.2. Warranty for goods purchased via the online store is governed by valid legal regulations.
The standard warranty period is 24 months, the warranty covers all defects limiting the possibility of proper use of the goods. However, the warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear.
8.3. The warranty period for all persons using the product for the purpose of doing business with this product is not stipulated by the Civil Code and is set by the specific importer or manufacturer.
8.4. Reclamation is announced in one of the following ways:
a) by email to
b) by phone +420 777 590 831
c) by registered mail to Ekotwist - EU s.r.o., Polešovice 814, 687 37
8.5. When making a claim, the buyer is obliged to submit all documents confirming the purchase of goods from Ekotwist - EU s.r.o. i.e. delivery note, tax document. The buyer also attaches the subject of the claim. He / she is also obliged to submit a written reasoned complaint or photo documentation.
8.6. Upon receipt of the claim, the seller decides in accordance with applicable legislation to settle the claim, i.e. the claim is considered justified (the product will be replaced or part of the purchase price will be refunded) or rejected.
8.7. The buyer is informed of the outcome of the claim procedure in writing at the latest of 30 days after the claim has been made. After this period, the consumer has the same rights as if it were a defect that cannot be
8.8. The shipping costs of the repaired or replaced product are paid by the buyer.

9. Discounts
Discounts are possible by mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer in the case of regular deliveries of large quantities of goods, see website for details.

10. Protection of personal dataWe protect your privacy. In order to offer you valuable services, we need some of your personal data.
We protect this data from misuse. The e-shop undertakes to comply with all rules, incl. compliance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data and information. The information you enter when registering as a customer are listed below. If you are a natural person, these are:

Name and surname
Full postal address
Phone or email contact

This information is necessary for your identification as a buyer. It is used for the means of making and charging payment for purchased goods, delivering goods correctly and for communication with you. By purchasing and confirming the order, you consent to the processing of this data for the purpose of business transaction. Ekotwist - EU s.r.o. as the operator of the e-shop, declares that all data obtained during the commercial transaction by the buyer is exclusively the property of the buyer and the seller may use this data only for the purposes stated above. No personal data is provided to third parties and is stored in a secure database. The customer has the right to access to his / her personal data and the right to make corrections, including other legal rights pursuant to Section 21 of Act no. No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data.

Ekotwist – EU s.r.o., Polešovice 814, 687 37